Guest kitchen and outbuildings.

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table d'hôtes élémentaire

la table d'hôtes.

Sit up! Food is ready! Madam (and sir) are served!
You are a company, a collective, an association, an agency, an individual ?

Your wish ?
To organise a meeting ? A business breakfast, lunch or dinner ? A birthday party ? A surprise ? A table away from prying eyes, a room with sound just for you, to give in to all your desires.

Rental for a minimum of 2 hours.
One table for up to 15 people. A menu formula and/or drinks adapted and personalised according to your needs. All élémentaire allergies are welcome. We take care of everything!

From Monday to Saturday,
our brigade welcomes you with open forks and knives.

A private feast for the best and nothing but the best ! élémentaire, my dear Watson !

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booking request.