This is not an elementary restaurant.

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élémentaire restaurant


élémentaire. A neighbourhood HQ and family home,

for all gourmets and gourmands: carnivores, piscivores, vegetarians, gluten- or lactose-free and aperitif enthusiasts!

élémentaire. An ode to nature, a return to the basics.

élémentaire. Simple, tasty and inspired recipes. Fresh market products from independent producers, cooked every day by the chef.

élémentaire. The symphony of the taste buds is played throughout the day. On the menu, small dishes and big ones, to share with friends or family.

élémentaire, the good, the beautiful, and the essential.

élémentaire gives pride of place to the essential, your destiny.

As you like it, all allergies and intolerances should be reported to your brigadier at the beginning of the feast.